My brother sent me a picture of a few young girls protesting outside of Party City in Harlem, today. They want Princess Tiana back.

Amazing! “Kids don’t see racial differences.” “Tiana is available online only” You go girls!!!






we live in a world where the pizza arrives faster than the police

Well the pizza driver faces consequences when their job isn’t done right.




in college my major is orange juice

whats your concentration


if u ever feel ignored just remember will smith has a 21 year old son called trey smith


Only thing I’m worried about pulling off is my earrings ‘cause we’re fighting bitch

"Dear Non-American Black, when you make the choice to come to America, you become black. Stop arguing. Stop saying I’m Jamaican or I’m Ghanaian. America doesn’t care. So what if you weren’t “black” in your country? You’re in America now. We all have our moments of initiation into the Society of Former Negroes…And admit it—you say “I’m not black” only because you know black is at the bottom of America’s race ladder. And you want none of that. Don’t deny now. What if being black had all the privileges of being white? Would you still say “Don’t call me black, I’m from Trinidad”? I didn’t think so."

— Ifemelu from Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (via sonofafieldnegro)
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"My mother used to say that the black woman is the white man’s mule and the white woman is his dog. Now, she said that to say this: we do the heavy work and get beat whether we do it well or not. But the white woman is closer to the master and he pats them on the head and lets them sleep in the house, but he ain’ gon’ treat neither one like he was dealing with a person. Now, if I was to tell a white woman that, the first thing she would do is to call you a nigger and then she’d be real nice to her husband so he would come out here and beat you for telling his wife the truth."

Nancy White as quoted in From Servitude to Service Work: Historical Continuities in the Racial Division of Paid Reproductive Labor (via ninjabikeslut)

This is why Black women cannot desire to achieve “equality” with White women (or Black men, actually) because their position is still oppressed. This is why “damsel in distress” narratives (usually reserved for White women) for Black women such as in Django Unchained are not inherently progressive feminist ones. Shifting places in a hierarchy meant to oppress is not revolution. Challenging and crushing the hierarchy is. However, this positionality has to be discussed in terms of experiences and differences. It cannot be ignored solely to make the ones with the more “approved” notches (at a particular intersection) feel more “comfortable” with their privilege.

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OOP. But don’t you tell a white feminist this. She’ll cry them white tears and then run to the first white man who’ll stick up for them.

They did it in the past, and they still do it now.

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