To be white, or straight, or male, or middle class is to be simultaneously ubiquitious and invisible. You’re everywhere you look, you’re the standard against which everyone else is measured. You’re like water, like air. People will tell you they went to see a “woman doctor” or they will say they went to see “the doctor.” People will tell you they have a “gay colleague” or they’ll tell you about a colleague. A white person will be happy to tell you about a “Black friend,” but when that same person simply mentions a “friend,” everyone will assume the person is white. Any college course that doesn’t have the word “woman” or “gay” or “minority” in its title is a course about men, heterosexuals, and white people. But we call those courses “literature,” “history” or “political science.”

This invisibility is political.

Michael S. Kimmel, in the introduction to the book, “Privilege: A Reader” (via thinkspeakstress)



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Top 50 Vine Scare Cam

I fucking lost it when that girl gets smacked in the face with a baking tray ahahahah

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and if you turn to ur left you’ll see the emos

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OH MY GOD not every group of emos is my chemical romance stfu tumblr

but it actually is my chemical romance

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Today on my flight from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to Abu Dhabi, UAE a man came on board with four falcons as his carryon luggage. Ends up they got their own seats (three to be exact). #GulfLife #ThisCan’tBeReal

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